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OosImaginary video up

A video of OosImaginary performing last Spring, with Sam Goodman, Lisa Frank, and me dancing, and Teddy Rankin-Parker playing cello. Enjoy!

Video from Judson Church CEC ArtsLink performance

Here's a video of the collaborative improv piece at Judson Church!

CEC ArtsLink dance concert at Judson Church, 6 July 2009 from Jake on Vimeo.

Leonid Glukhov (dance)
Natalya Podkovyrova (dance)
Maria Samsonova (dance)
Olga Zimina (dance)
Macha Gharibian (piano)
Lorenzo Sanguedolce (saxophone)
Jake Wise (clarinet)

Reflection at The Tank - VIDEO up!

The Raw and the Cooked show on April 15 has come and gone, and it was a great success. We performed my piece, Reflection, twice - once before the "raw" portion of the show, and once after. I've gotten great feedback but still would like to further explore the piece, clear some ideas up, and rehearse specific movements more.

Cooked/April 15th - 2009 from Tatyana Tenenbaum on Vimeo.

Tatyana posted this video of the first performance on The Raw and the Cooked blog, with this commentary:

"[This] piece, scored and directed by Jake Wise, was featured as the "cooked" portion of April's show. The performers (Jake Wise, Alejandro Acierto, Tanya Kalmanovich [sic], Emily Bielagus, and Maitreya Levanchild) ran through the piece shortly before the entire group met to discuss the evening's scores. Upon seeing it, I was moved and inspired by [the] structure Jake had created. The piece was at once intricate and specific, and highly candid and improvisational. I asked them to perform the piece twice: Once at the beginning of the show, and once at the end. I had seen this trick used at a Philip Glass concert that my dad took me to when I was 12. The experience as an audience member was highly rewarding.