Scavenger Quartet

With Ryan Snow (trombone), Kenny Wang (viola), and William McEvoy (bass). Original compositions and improvisations, plus collaboration with Tom Chess to play his music. Together since December 2008; performance debut January 30 and 31, 2009.

The Wilder Worldwide

Storm Garner and Jonathan Vincent's incredible songwriting. They play by themselves or with Chris Gogan (bass), Flin van Hemmen (drums), and me.

song trio

With Tatyana Tenenbaum (voice, guitar) and Dave Burgreen (percussion, guitar). A beautiful and seamless mix of improvisation, original songs, and adaptations. Performance debut August 11, 2008.

Alex Jake Mika Benn

Recording project with Alex Christie (computer), Mika Hayashi Ebbesen (cello), and Benn Purcell (bass). Culmination of a private study course where I studied digital filters and built a computer-based instrument using Pure Data. I play mostly my computer instrument with some clarinet mixed in. One of the recordings is on my MySpace page - it's called "Quartet."

Ensemble 46
Improvising ensemble with 3 dancers (Tatyana Tenenbaum, Lucy Segar, Hannah Verrill) and 4 musicians (Josh Morris, Jordan Goldstein, Andrei Pohorelsky, and me). We've played various
dance concerts and composition/TIMARA concerts at Oberlin, and at the SPACES art gallery in Cleveland. Together since March 2006. Robyn Weiss at the Oberlin Review wrote a great article about us.

The Klezma Gangstas
Yiddish folk music. Sam has a hankering for the wahwah pedal. I regularly practice sonic demolition by laptop. We've played some really good parties and shows. With Sam Harmet, mandolins; Kirsten Lamb, bass; Dave Vohden, percussion; David Wise (my brother), saxophone; me on clarinet, sometimes accordion, and laptop.

Thelonious Monk Cover Band
Just what it sounds like. Benn Purcell, bass; Eben Lichtman, piano; Alex Ritz, drums.

Reed Trio
We've been together about a year and a half. Allison Pickett, oboe; Tom Schneider, bassoon. Most notable/exciting piece played (in my opinion): Heitor Villa-Lobos reed trio. Check it out (there aren't many good recordings of it, though).

Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME)
Member February 2006-February 2007. Played clarinet and bass clarinet in the group under the leadership of the inimitable Tim Weiss.


Lost Highway
Solo clarinet, bass clarinet, and contrabass clarinet in Oberlin's production of Olga Neuwirth's opera based on the David Lynch film. American premieres in Oberlin and New York, February 2007.

Digital Filters and Computer Instrument Design
Private reading with Tom Lopez, Bruce Richards, and John Donaldson. Study of digital filters from a math/physics point of view, and designing an instrument using Pd.

Dianne McIntyre residency
Accompanied Dianne McIntyre's dance classes during her residency at Oberlin in January 2007.

Premieres/Composers' works

Pont D'Arc by Sivan Eldar for clarinet, piano, violin, and cello. Premiere November 2007.

Trio for Clarinet, Violin, and Cello by Haydn Brooks Cole. Recorded October 2007.

Face in Pale Blue Dirt by Alex Christie for clarinet, electronics, accordion, electric guitar, electric cello, and drum set. Permiered April 2007. It has an amazing clarinet solo that's half the length of the entire piece.

Laajentuja by Tim McCormack for chamber ensemble (with bass clarinet).

Tapestries by Ryan Welsh for 2 percussionists and clarinet.
Premiere performance, Fall 2006, and recording for Oberlin's biannual Aural Capacity CD, which features student new music works.

Admonition by Marcelle Pierson for cello, harp, bass clarinet, 3 voices. Recorded Fall 2006 and performed several times Spring 2007.

Old Man by Marcelle Pierson for solo clarinet. Commissioned and premiered 2006.

Shadow by Marcelle Pierson for cello, harp, clarinet, 3 voices. Premiered Fall 2005 and presented at Midwest Composers Symposium, February 2006.

Qdilm by Daniel Tacke for cello and bass clarinet. Presented at Midwest Composers Symposium, February 2006.

Chasin' the 9-Tone Train by Patrick Barter for trombone, bass, and clarinet. Premiered Spring 2006.

Liberation by Johnny Butler. War protest piece for jazz orchestra (with bass clarinet). Premiered Spring 2005.